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Meira GTx gene therapies lab

United Kingdom

1200 sqm

Industry > Life sciences

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Gene therapy may be on the cusp of revolutionising medicine as we know it.

MeiraGTx is a company that is committed to the development of novel gene therapies to transform the lives of patients suffering from acquired and inherited disorders. MeiraGTx tasked Rochester-based Clean Room Construction Ltd (CRC) to deliver suitable flooring for their inaugural clean room facility in London which could meet the companies’ rigorous standards in cleanliness and bio control.

CRC would specify two products for the new MeiraGTx cleanroom from international flooring specialist Gerflor which would easily meet the project’s stringent requirements. Their final specification settled on some 1200m2 of Gerflor’s high-performing Mipolam Biocontrol, together with their innovative Clean Corner System, which has been developed in partnership with cleaning professionals.