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Nature is our greatest source of inspiration. Our new DLW collection offers architects the power to improve people's lives.
With the DLW Linoleum offer, we can provide architects with a collection of 159 colours, these are natural designs, that can enhance the sustainability and the creativity of their projects.
Made in Germany since 1882 and Cradle to Cradle Certified TM Silver (Marmorette, Colorette, Arabesque, Uni Walton, Lino Art), the DLW Linoleum products are made of 98% organic and mineral raw materials including linseed oil, wood, cork, limestone, jute and resin. Linoleum DLW is simply our way of bringing people closer to nature.


Creative by Nature

DLW Collectie: new designs and colors

Mix & Match : let's play with our designs !


Bio based composition

Circular Economy

Carbon footprint

Cradle to cradle certified™ - Silver

Neocare - exclusive surface treatment

Indoor air quality

Mat effect

Easy to clean


The Genuine Linoleum Brand

DLW heritage

Complete solution

FAQ Linoleum

Why is DLW linoleum a sustainable flooring ?



  • 98% natural (bio based and mineral)
  • 76 % rapidly renewable materials
  • 40 % recycled content
  • 100 % recyclable




Our CO² emissions are neutral during the first stages of the product life cycle, from the growing of raw materials to the end of the production process..

All the details can be found in our Environmental Product Declaration, which has been third part certified (EVEA laboratory) according to the guidelines of international certification body (UL).

(*) From Cradle to Gate : includes raw materials and manufacturing process (A1-A3 stages of EPD) sourced materials.






Crade to Cradle is both a product certification and a philosophy Gerflor takes part to, in search for continuous improvement.

The products and the company must meet rigorous requirements according to five criteria : material reutilization, material health, water stewardship, renewable energy and social fairness.

DLW linoleum products have been Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver*


Why is linoleum considered to be a living product ?



Linoleum is interacting with its environment, especially the light in the area of installation. Due to linseed oil oxidization process, the flooring will take its final shade when installed, depending on the light in the areas where it has been laid. We recommend specifiers to put samples at light a few hours before making a final choice, to get the best idea of the sample true color.



ÞYellowing effect : Yellowing is a natural process common to all linoleum collections in the market. When deprived from light, the linseed oil (main product component / yellow) is migrating to the surface (oxidization process). This happens after a long period of time (several months). It is a reversible process, as original colours are appearing again when linoleum is exposed to the light (sun light or artificial light does not make any difference).




Due to the materials used to manufacture linoleum, especially linseed oil, the flooring has a little olfactive signature. However, this smell will partly disappear when the flooring is glued, the rest decreasing over time (a few weeks). Neocare new exclusive surface treatment also encapsulates phenols, greatly reducing this phenomenon from the start.






If linoleum can be installed in a wide variety of areas, we recommend not to lay linoleum in wet or humid rooms (professional kitchens, locker rooms). Due to its composition (jute backing, wood powder), linoleum does not resist well abundant water. It can however be cleaned with water in normal conditions.

What about DLW linoleum key benefits ?


  • Inlaid product construction : long lasting appearance
  • Extreme wear proof : adapted to high pedestrian and mechanical traffic
  • Micro scratch resistance : no problem with tears and scratches


  • Third part certified antiviral and antibacterial activity: hygienic solution
  • Very low emissions TVOC < 10 micrograms/m3 after 28 days: best indoor air quality
  • Neocare surface treatment (dirt and stain barrier): easy to clean


  • Resilient and soft surface : children friendly
  • Up to19dB sound insulation : acoustic comfort
  • Suitable for underfloor heating : thermal comfort


  • Large panel of designs and colors: freedom of choice
  • Mat effect : trendy and contemporary
  • Mix and match possibilities: creativity and differentiation
What is the new collection made of ?
  • 9 designs, among which 3 are new
  • 159 unique colors, among which 63 are new
  • Product constructions to fit all needs: compact, acoustic up to 19dB, heavy mechanical traffic, dissipative, sport

Adapted finishes :

  •                   Uni and camouflage welding rods adapted to each flooring colour
  •                   Cove formers and preformed coving solutions (HSLA) for ultra cleanliness
  •                   HDF skirtings
  •                   Korkment acoustic underlay (15dB)
  •                   Floor protection


What are DLW linoleum key technical features?

PERFORMANCE (Neocare exclusive surface treatment)


  • Best in class indoor air quality : TVOC <10 micrograms/m3 after 28days => Blue Angel, M1, Floorscore, A+, Scandinavian Swan, Tüv
  • Profizert certified
  • Higher scratch resistance
  • Excellent resistance against chemicals
  • No dust attraction, easy to clean




  • 2m width  / 21 to 30m length.
  • Thickness : 2,5mm, 2mm, 3,2mm and 4mm
  • Cuts from 5 linear meters
  • In a same area, installed rolls should have the same batch number and the difference between roll numbers should not exceed 20.
Where can I find technical information on DLW linoleum installation, cleaning, repair and waxing ?





Can I order some customized products ?

Complementary products are available through special requests :

  • Compact colours in Acoustic 15dB
  • Compact colours in Acousticplus 19dB
  • Tiles : 48x, 60x, 61x
  • Bfl-s1 production

Detailed information on minimum quantities, lead time and pricing available from Gerflor local branch.

Where is it produced ?

DLW linoleum is manufactured in our Delmenhorst plant in Germany, an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified industrial site.

Where can I find information about old LPX/PUR products ?

You can find old ranges here : Discontinued range - DLW Linoleum


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