COMMERCIAL News / Bronwyn talks Sustainability PVC AUS 2018 Shaping the Future

Bronwyn talks Sustainability PVC AUS 2018 Shaping the Future

Bronwyn PVC Conference

Bronwyn Campbell, Gerflor Australasia's Sustainability Consultant, discussed all things 'environmental' with Sophi MacMillan, Vinyl Council Australia CEO, at the recent Conference in Sydney. Over 30 expert speakers from around the world shared leading edge insight about the latest technical, market and sustainability trends in the vinyl industry at PVC AUS 2018: Shaping the Future.

Bronwyn says, "My 'environmental' passion is life long and ever expanding. This year's PVC conference highlighted to me just how bright the future is for Gerflor in this sector and the great stories we have to tell from an environmental perspective".

Vinyl Council Chief Executive Sophi MacMillan adds, “Here in Australia, we can demonstrate some world-leading examples of vinyl in areas ranging from healthcare to PVC pipe. Innovation in our sector has also seen great strides forward in areas such as wall construction systems, medical product recycling, 3D vinyl compounds and new recycling technology."

A key part of Gerflor’s commitment to eco-responsible solutions for flooring, interior finishes and sporting surfaces is our ongoing involvement with Vinyl Council Australia and their PVC Stewardship Program.

PVC products, like many of those in the Gerflor range, add significant benefit to society, including environmental benefit, as a function of their excellent performance, durability and affordability.

The PVC industry in Australia has demonstrated its commitment to improve and innovate its manufacturing practices and products through this stewardship program. Key themes of the program focus on best practice manufacturing, safe and sustainable use of additives, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas management, resource efficiency along with transparency and engagement.

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