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COMMERCIAL NewsGerflor Goes for GOLD

Gerflor Goes for GOLD

Gerflor AU PVC Excellence Logo

Gerflor goes for GOLD.
It's official we have achieved Gold Standard PVC Stewardship Excellence for 2019-20.
The awarding of this important status signifies
our exemplary approach to managing the impacts of different products and materials through their life cycle, including end-of-life across our interior wall and flooring finishes.

The Vinyl Council of Australia (VCA), oversees the program to ensure shared management of the health, safety and environmental aspects of PVC products through their life cycle.

The Program supports the Australian PVC industry to work as one to address issues. It's a great advantage for our industry, and an important way to foster innovation. It provides a level playing field for all Signatories to progress towards our common objective of increased sustainability.

Find out more about the program online