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COMMERCIAL NewsResponse to State of Disaster

Response to State of Disaster

Gerflor Warehouse State of Disaster


Immediately following the announcement of the initial COVID restrictions, Gerflor implemented a remote work from home plan to maintain a seamless and high level of service to its customers and partners.

In view of the recent determinations and announcements of the Victorian Government, Gerflor wishes to assure all its customers and partners that this same friendly ‘remote’ network will continue to enthusiastically and professionally provide the expert advice and assistance you expect and will continue to supply all your product and project needs through its national distribution network operating across Australia and NZ.

Gerflor and its distribution partners are very mindful of the strict workplace guidelines that have been put in place particularly by the Victorian Government and have sought to ensure all our network operate under COVID Safe Plans.

Gerflor looks forward to continuing to work with and to serve and support all its customers and partners through these difficult and uncertain times.

Chris Low

Chief Executive Officer Gerflor Australasia