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COMMERCIAL NewsWalls can bring Healthcare Hygiene tumbling down

Walls can bring Healthcare Hygiene tumbling down

20210217 Gerflor SPM Prevents Healthcare Hygiene Tumbling Down

Walls can bring Healthcare Hygiene tumbling down. Over 200,000 healthcare-associated infections (HAI's) make up the most common patient complications in Australian hospitals. Even when deep cleaned, damaged walls can contribute by harbouring and transferring bacteria.

Most patients and healthcare workers' hand hygiene lapses after contact with walls, spreading bacteria and pathogens despite the best hand hygiene education.

Our Gerflor #SPM hygienic wall and door protection range delivers proven impact resistance and supports hygiene practices. Products are tested in real operating conditions with weights that correspond to commonly used trolleys and impact speeds consistent with people on the move at 320kg at 3kmph. The surfaces are easy to maintain and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Our healthcare philosophy is to provide the best integrated solution for healthcare and administrative employees, patients and visitors.

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