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  • Commercial Flooring
  • Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum floor covering
Made of 98% organic and 80% renewable materials
Up to 40% recycled content
Product certified by many eco-labels, including the Blue Angel

Technical description
  1. PUR Finish
  2. Monolayer linoleum flooring, calendered
  3. Jute backing

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0001 Banana Yellow

Format: Rolls

0004 Bluebird

Format: Rolls

0006 Vivid Green

Format: Rolls

0012 Light Beige

Format: Rolls

0016 Deep Orange

Format: Rolls

0043 Light Mud

Format: Rolls

0052 Oxid Grey

Format: Rolls

0058 Aluminium Grey

Format: Rolls

0059 Stone Grey

Format: Rolls

0071 Straw Beige

Format: Rolls

0073 Sand Yellow

Format: Rolls

0080 Elephant Grey

Format: Rolls

0081 Private Black

Format: Rolls

0110 Cadillac Pink

Format: Rolls

0118 Power Red

Format: Rolls

0123 Poppy Blue

Format: Rolls

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