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  • Commercial Flooring
  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring LVT


  • 3 sizes  including one new XL square tile
  • Exclusive construction "Duo Core", reinforeced with a fiber glass for comfort & stability
  • PUR+Mat varnish: natural look and easy to clean
  • 4 bevelled edges


  • Removable installation with tackifier - suitable for raised floor
  • Direct on ceramis if joint <5mm



  • Ideal for high traffic areas: chain specialist, shops, offices, lobby...


  • 100% recyclable
  • 35% recycled content
  • TVOC <10μg/m3
  • Phtalate free

1 - PUR+ Matt surface treatment
2 - 4D design with structured emboss & cristal wearlayer
3 - Duo core technology
4 - Fiber glass
5 - Grip wave back layer

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Results : 21

Design Type
Design name
0085 Dock Grey

Format: Tiles

0087 Dock Taupe

Format: Tiles

0356 Denim Wood

Format: Planks/strips

0357 Portobello

Format: Planks/strips

0358 Moon Island

Format: Planks/strips

0538 Midwest

Format: Planks/strips

1054 Onka Honey

Format: Planks/strips

1058 Gentleman Grey

Format: Tiles

1060 Pure Concrete Light

Format: Tiles

1061 Pure Concrete Medium

Format: Tiles

1062 Pure Concrete Dark

Format: Tiles

1074 Diesel Burnt

Format: Planks/strips

1075 Diesel Nala

Format: Planks/strips

1076 Gentleman Tweed

Format: Planks/strips

1077 Tatami Savane

Format: Tiles

1078 Tatami Raffia

Format: Tiles


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Creation 70 Looselay Fire Test 2019 Gerflor Australasia
98 Ko
Gerflor Australasia Creation 70 Looselay Slip Test Certificate P2 R10
6.79 Mo
Download Select
Creation 70 Looselay - Guide
6.26 Mo
Gerflor AU Creation 70 Design Book 2021
13.67 Mo
Technical Datasheets
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Creation 70 Looselay - Technical Datasheet
95 Ko
Product Descriptions
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Creation 70 Looselay - Product Description
53 Ko
Fire Test Certificates
Download Select
Creation 70 Looselay - Fire certificate
854 Ko
Installation Guidelines Contract
Download Select
314 - Installation Guidelines - Creation 70 Looselay
1.75 Mo
Creation 70 Looselay - Installation video
Maintenance Instructions - Product
Download Select
Cleaning instructions LVT
2.85 Mo
LVT - Maintenance instruction
1.73 Mo
Declaration of Performance
Download Select
Creation 70 Looselay - DOP
68 Ko


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Creation 70 Looselay - Installation

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