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  • Commercial Flooring
  • ESD


  • lasting safe elimination of electrostatic charges
  • conductive backing suitable for ESD areas
  • Evercare™ surface treatment (UV laser cross linking)
  • low acculumation of electrostatic charges (people & equipment)
  • enduring resistance to static and dynamic loads
  • resistant to detergents, acids and alkaline chemicals
  • fungistatic and bacteriostatic treatment throughout profile
  • permanent conductive flooring 104 ≤ Rt ≤ 106Ω
  • 100% recyclable
  • hot weld installation and coving for easy cleaning
  • clean room laminar flow compatible
  •  1 - Homogeneous layer
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Technical Documents
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Mipolam Elegance EL 5 Fire Test
188 Ko
Installation and Maintenance
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Installation Guide - Mipolam Elegance EL5
1.72 Mo
Installation Guide - Tiles and rolls welding
342 Ko
Download Select
Gerflor Floorscore Certificate for rolls
468 Ko
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Gerflor AU EL Solutions Guide 2021
Technical Datasheets
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Mipolam Elegance EL 5 - Technical Datasheet
121 Ko

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