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  • Commercial Flooring
  • Homogeneous

Commercial flooring - Homogeneous

  • highest durability - excellent abrasion resistance
  • Evercare™ surface treatment 
  • stain resistant WAX FREE lifetime maintenance
  • on-trend colour palette
  • 100% bio-based plasticizer
  • TVOC after 24 hours <0.05mg/m²
  • global GREEN TAG Level A certified
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% post manufacturing wastes recycled
  • product weight 20% lower than standard 

1 - Evercare™ Treatment

2 - Monolayer homogeneous flooring, pressed and calendered

    with 100% bio plasticizer

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Results : 31

Design Type
6001 Cotton

Format: Rolls

6002 Lipica

Format: Rolls

6005 Ghibli

Format: Rolls

6006 Blue Sky

Format: Rolls

6008 Calico

Format: Rolls

6009 Grey Stone

Format: Rolls

6010 Mist

Format: Rolls

6018 Ushuaia

Format: Rolls

6025 Tangelo

Format: Rolls

6027 Acacia

Format: Rolls

6029 Cloud

Format: Rolls

6030 Stonehenge

Format: Rolls

6031 Breeze

Format: Rolls

6032 Sunshine

Format: Rolls

6034 Mole

Format: Rolls

6036 Oceania

Format: Rolls


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Technical Documents
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Chemical Resistance Chart
508 Ko
Installation and Maintenance
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Gerflor Australasia Evercare Treated homogeneous Maintenance
171 Ko
Installation Guide - Homogenous and Heterogenous Flooring
137 Ko
Installation Guide - Tiles and rolls welding
342 Ko
Maintenance Guide - Mipolam Symbioz
53 Ko
Download Select
Gerflor Floorscore Certificate for rolls
468 Ko
Download Select
Evercare technology - Brochure
4.52 Mo
The Healthcare Specialist - Brochure
2.5 Mo
Download Select
Mipolam Symbioz
1.33 Mo
Mipolam Symbioz - Card - 2019
1.59 Mo
Technical Documentation
Download Select
Gerflor AU Mipolam Symbioz - Technical data sheet 2021
99 Ko
Product Descriptions
Download Select
Mipolam Symbioz - Product Description
233 Ko
Mipolam Symbioz - Product description - 2019
233 Ko
Fire Test Certificates
Download Select
Mipolam Symbioz - Fire Test
95 Ko
Installation Guidelines Contract
Download Select
301 - Installation Guidelines - Homogeneous & Compact multilayered rolls - Laying techniques
203 Ko
GreenTag Certifications
Download Select
Gerflor Australasia Mipolam Symbioz GreenTag Certificate
188 Ko
Slip Test Certificates
Download Select
Mipolam Symbioz Slip Test P4
146 Ko
Mipolam Symbioz Slip Test R10
87 Ko
VOC Test Certificates
Download Select
Mipolam Symbioz VOC Test
194 Ko
Download Select
Gerflor Floorscore Certificate for rolls
468 Ko
Project Reference Sheets / Testimonials
Download Select
Healthcare - Epworth Hospital, Richmond
270 Ko


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