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Romus Quick Scrapex | Outdoor


  • Finishing solutions
  • Entrance Mats

QUICK SCRAPEX is a primary mat for heavy traffic outdoor and indoor use. The mat is made from 100% polyamide brush inserts for heavy scraping with perforated polypropylene dots on the backing for better water drainage. Combine with indoor Quickmat-Tile for maximum dirt removal.

  • Save time, immediate availability from stock
  • Manufactured with solar energy
  • 10 times more capacity to trap the dust than a textile entrance floor
  • Shape to size on site => lower risk
  • Traffic up to 2000 person per day


  • Class 33 - Commercial heavy duty
  • Material: Polyamide 6.6
  • Backing:  Latex 3 mm
  • Weight:  3.5 kg/m²
  • Thickness:  13 mm
  • Fire resistance:  N/A
  • Slip resistance:  P5
  • Water absorption:  3.8 L/m²
  • Availability 2m x 20m rolls

Available in roll or cut format:

  • Roll: Rull roll Length of stripes (L) 20m x Walking Direction (W.D) 2m
  • Cut service: 2m (min) in Walking Direction (W.D) x 1m in Length (L)

Can be cut and shaped on-site.

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Gerflor Romus Quick Scrapex - Slip Test Certificate
425 Ko
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Gerflor Romus Matting Collection Brochure
6.7 Mo
Technical Datasheets
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Quick Scrapex - Romus - Technical Datasheet
2.94 Mo
Quick Scrapex - Wheeled Traffic Trolley Tests - Technical Datasheet
1.92 Mo


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