MULTI-USE floor for indoor sports, leisure, academic and business 

Can a new multi-purpose sports floor revolutionise the way a hall is used? YES!

Thanks to our new Taraflex® Multi-use, sports halls join the ranks of inviting, creative community spaces - catering for wide-ranging sports, leisure, academic and business activities.
This trusted product offers superior resistance to furniture and rolling loads whilst providing great sports properties to athletes. It helps prevent both short and long-term injuries for all levels and ages of athletes.
✔️ My Taralay digital printing
✔️ Protecsol®       - easy maintenance
                               - friction protection
                               - 'intelligent' sliding coefficient
✔️ High-performance playing surface with built-in resilience to furniture, displays, foot traffic .....
✔️ D-max +™ (triple reinforcement) for heavy loads
✔️ CXP™ HD+ new foam technology (shock absorption thanks to double-density foam with new optimized formulation)
✔️ 5 wood designs colours
✔️ 2 modern concrete colours
✔️ Sanosol® Antimicrobial Treatment


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