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  • Commercial Flooring
  • Safety

High performance slip resistant safety flooring for wet and dry, barefoot and shod applications
Commercial Flooring - Safety

  • Enhanced slip resistant safety vinyl floor covering with a raised emboss
  • Ideal solution for shower and changing rooms
  • High level of wet and dry slip resistance - Anti-slip performance: R11
  • 1. Raised emboss (0.3mm)
  • 2. Homogeneous wear layer with incrusted mineral particles
  • 3. Fiber grid
  • 4. Compact backing

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Results : 10

Design Type
7314 Sand

Format: Rolls

7325 Seashore

Format: Rolls

7413 Ocean Blue

Format: Rolls

7418 Marine

Format: Rolls

7513 Seagrass

Format: Rolls

7720 Iceberg

Format: Rolls

7732 Gravel

Format: Rolls

7746 Stone

Format: Rolls

8013 Jasper

Format: Rolls

8704 Pebble

Format: Rolls


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Gerflor Australasia Tarasafe Safeties folder
5.69 Mo
Installation and Maintenance
Download Select
Installation Guide - Homogenous and Heterogenous Flooring
137 Ko
Download Select
Gerflor AU Tarasafe Ultra H20 GREENtag A 2021
280 Ko
Gerflor Floorscore Certificate for rolls
468 Ko
Tarasafe Ultra H2O VOC Emission Test Gerflor Australasia
302 Ko
Download Select
Tarasafe Ultra H2O Card
513 Ko
Technical Documentation
Download Select
Tarasafe Ultra H2O
111 Ko
Product Descriptions
Download Select
Tarasafe Ultra H2O
51 Ko
Fire Test Certificates
Download Select
Tarasafe Ultra H2O Fire Test
94 Ko
Installation Guidelines Contract
Download Select
301 - Installation Guidelines - Homogeneous & Compact multilayered rolls - Laying techniques
203 Ko
Installation Guide - Taradouche Shower System
950 Ko
Maintenance Instructions - Product
Download Select
Maintenance Guide - Shower System
215 Ko
Slip Test Certificates
Download Select
Tarasafe Ultra H20 Ramp Slip Test R11
72 Ko
Tarasafe Ultra H2O Barefoot/Ramp Test
89 Ko
Tarasafe Ultra H2O Pendulum Slip Test P3
333 Ko
Download Select
Gerflor Floorscore Certificate for rolls
468 Ko

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