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Gerflor Picto Neocare Pt

NeocareTM is a new solvent-free surface protection developed exclusively for linoleum. Extremely hard wearing due to triple, laser uv cross-linking.

The result of Gerflor R&D expertise, giving DLW new collection outstanding technical features for a healthy and durable use, with easy cleaning and maintenance.





gerflor-indoor-air-quality-logo   INDOOR AIR QUALITY


  • Very low VOC emission
  • TVOC < 10 microgram/m3 after 28 days (ISO 16516)
  • Certified according to the most demanding standards

Ligne Logos Indoor Air Quality Fond Col


gerflor-mat-effect-logo  MATT EFFECT


Natural and contemporary design, emphasized through deep colours and no light reflection on the surface
  • Matt effect
  • Natural design


gerflor-easy-to-clean-logo  EASY TO CLEAN


  • Dirt and stain barrier
  • Cost effective maintenance
  • Easy cleaning with a mop or any modern cleaning equipment.
 Detailed cleaning protocol available on



gerflor-hygiene-logo   HYGIENE


  • Excellent resistance against disinfection chemicals
  • Antiviral and antibacterial activity
Gerflor surfaces contribute to lower the microbe load (bacteria, virus, …) and then contributes to minimize the risk of a contamination chain.

gerflor-durable-logo   DURABLE


  • No sealing and waxing needed
  • Higher scratch resistance.
  • Easy to repair
In case of heavily damaged flooring, DLW linoleum can be easily repaired using the spray buffing method (red disk).





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