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Developed according to circular economy principles, made of 98% bio based raw material and recyclable, DLW linoleum also achieves a neutral carbon footprint until the end of its manufacturing stage and commits to the Cradle to Cradle rigorous philosophy.




gerflor-biobasedcompo-pito   BIO BASED COMPOSITION


DLW linoleum is truly environmental friendly :

  • 2% cork
  • 3% colored pigments
  • 5% resin
  • 8% jute
  • 19% limestone
  • 20% wood flour
  • 41% linseed oil
Made of 98% bio based raw material, it also preserves the environment as 76% of its content is rapidly renewable (within a year or less).
On top of that, our linoleum integrates up to 40% recycled content and is 100% recyclable (production and installation wastes).



gerflor-circular-economy-logo   CIRCULAR ECONOMY PRINCIPLES
We set ourselves the highest standards when it comes to the environmental quality of our manufacturing materials.
All our products are developed according to a Life cycle analysis (LCA) methodology, which means :
1. To assess the existing product impact on the environment through all stages of its life cycle
2. To develop new products specifically designed to reduce their environmental impact


Carbon neutral

gerflor-cabon-neutral-icone   CARBON NEUTRAL*
To be “Carbon Neutral from cradle to gate” means our CO2 emissions are neutral during the first stages of the product life cycle, from the growing of raw materials to the end of the production process (Cradle to Gate)
All the details can be found in our Environmental Product Declaration, which has been third part certified (EVEA  laboratory) according to the guidelines of international certification body (UL).
(*) From Cradle to Gate: includes raw materials and manufacturing process (A1-A3 stages of EPD)




gerflor-cradle-to-cradle-icone   CRADLE TO CRADLE CERTIFIED™ - SILVER
To be “Cradle to cradle certifiedTM Silver” means our product has been designed for the circular economy.
The final target is to get “zero waste” meaning the waste can become food in a new product cycle
Cradle to Cradle is both a product certification and a philosophy Gerflor takes part to, in search for continuous improvement.
The products and the company must meet rigorous requirements according to five criteria :
  • material reuse
  • material health
  • water stewardship
  • renewable energy
  • social fairness


DLW linoleum products are Cradle to Cradle certifiedTM Silver*
*Acousticplus is Cradle to Cradle certifiedTM Bronze 
Click here to know more about Cradle to Cradle


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